Customer Experience and Service Excellence consulting services

The alchemy of experiences

Agency born from a deep conviction that every experience can be transformed through the alchemy that is created between teams internally and clients externally. H2X supports organisations in the health and wellness sectors to transform customers and patients experiences. We emphasize our approach on ensuring Service Excellence and a maximum engagement from employees to enable and empower them to focus on the essential: customer and patient satisfaction. Our approach focused on achieving measurable outcomes, makes us the partner of choice for organisations looking to put their clients and patients at the heart of their growth strategy.

Contact us today for an evaluation of the maturity level of the experience your organisation already deliver. The first assessment is free of charge and non binding. At the end of this evaluation conducted over a couple of days, we will provide a report highlighting opportunities and a checklist for deploying identified actions (in autonomy or with our support).

Have you ever encountered any of these challenges before?

·  Customer and patient experience, what is this for?
·  Patients who want to be more involved in their care journey?
·  Lack of teams engagement?
·  Negative customer or patient feedback?
·  Training programs that are not engaging?
·  Overloaded telephone lines?
·  Difficulties integrating digital tools into your customers journeys?
·  Patients who feel lost in your facilities?
·  Siloed communication between departments?
·  Overwhlemed teams?
·  Excessively long waiting times (on the phone or in person)?
·  Too many complaints to be handled?

Strategic alignment

If you want to strengthen the position and value of your organisation, considering Customer experience as one of the key pillar in your strategy is more important now than ever as it allows for structuring and aligning all functions of the company.
H2X offers you tailored consulting services to identify and implement your customer and patient-centered strategy.

Customer Engagement

Customers/patients satisfaction have become key indicators of quality, particularly in healthcare and are often overlooked among all the performance measures a company track.
H2X is committed to collaborating with you to strengthen the satisfaction of your patients and clients, thereby supporting your efforts in developing customer loyalty.

Value creation

According to recent healthcare sector data, organisations with a strategy focusing on customer and patient-centric continuous improvement, experience stronger and more sustainable growth.
H2X works with you to enhance your services and maximize the value generated by each interaction along the customers and patients journey.

People engagement

Customer engagement is intrisnsically linked to employee engagement. Placing the customer and patient at the heart of your organisation culture makes it easier for you to retain your employees, and consequently to develop patient engagement and customer loyalty.
H2X accompanies you in developing a customer and patient-centric corporate culture that will derive into a virtuous circle of engagement and satisfaction.


H2X Liberty

From strategy to operationalisation

H2X Liberty is a bespoke program designed to support you in defining your customer and patient-centered strategy. With this program, we identify concrete opportunities and projects that help improve the experience of the customers and patients you serve. With H2X Liberty, we guide you step by step from strategic planning to operational implementation to co-create exceptional and sustainable customer and patient experiences that will support your growth. Let’s make every interaction an opportunity to enhance customer and patient satisfaction.

H2X Discovery

Discovering the power of Customer & Patient Experience

The interactive and engaging H2X Discovery workshops offer you a unique opportunity to discover the power of customer & patient experience. Our workshops are specially designed to help you mobilise all functions of your organisation and proactively meet the expectations of customers and patients. These dedicated workshops guide you through the journey of customers and patients, uncovering key interactions, identifying significant improvement opportunities and action levers in the short, medium, and long term.

H2X Academy

Mastering Service Excellence and Customer Experience

H2X Academy is a set of transformative trainings and masterclasses for your teams, focusing on service excellence and customer experience. Our catalogue includes sessions on the fundamentals of customer and patient experience, the power of the customer voice, meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and many more. With H2X Academy, empower your teams with a dynamic learning environment where participants gain practical skills, strategic insights, and innovative tools.